About Serra

GCh Firezone Firefly at Dragonair

About Serra

Canadian Kennel Club

Grand Champion,  Best In Show,  Versatility Excellent,  Draft Dog,   Brace Draft Dog,   Herding Started (sheep), High In Trial(ducks),  Expert Trick Dog,  Novice Sprinter,   Rally Advanced,  Companion Dog

sporting detection dog association

Sporting Detection – Started

A magnificent Giant Schnauzer came into my life, mostly by accident, with a fabulous pedigree and a fabulous breeder, Marina Raukhverger.

Serra is a Giant Schnauzer. I’m so excited (and exhausted) to be sharing my life with a Giant again. I knew I missed them but I didn’t realize how much until I could once again reach out my hand and find a huge brick-shaped head and a coat harsh enough to clean your boots.

Everything I’ve loved about Giants all my life is embodied in this guy – a little more enthusiasm than is good for either of us, joy in the smallest things, common sense, a huge tender heart, and a secret sense of humour that only comes out for family and those he particularly loves. And eye candy. Oh my goodness the eye candy!

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Ballad of Serenity – Serra’s Blog

Bye for now

Sorry, guys. I can’t do it. I’m not well enough to teach classes at Fenzi, have a bit of a life, train Serra and Syn, and write the blog.

Getting serious

My life continues to knock me down. First sidelined by having to put old Stitch down. Even when you’re expecting it, it hurts. Then my dad had a little heart episode. I’ve had enough adventure for this year, thanks.

Together again

It’s now May, and the last five months have been the worst EVER. Moved my 90+ parents out of their house and into a senior’s apartment, got a bad flu for Christmas, then the concussion, and then the new shoulder.

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Thoughts on losing everything

He walked out of the crate at the airport and saw a hundred friends and a million interesting things. Not a moment of doubt in his mind about anything.

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