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About Stitch

Canadian Kennel Club

Draft Dog, Brace Draft Dog, Companion Dog, Canine Good Neighbour

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

Working Water Dog

Canadian Association of Rally Obedience

Rally Versatility, Rally Novice Team, CARO Rally Bronze Champion

American Kennel Club

Rally Novice, Novice Agility Jumpers, Canine Good Citizen

Temperament Testing Associates

Temperament Tested 

Thanks for stopping by, little girl. We miss you.

Stitch “filled in.” She wasn’t exceptionally good at anything in particular, but she always put on a good show! She filled the Service Dog gap between Scuba and Syn. She wasn’t fabulous as a SD, but she absolutely excelled at public access. She never stood out, she never got in the way. She could tuck herself into the smallest space and wait quietly forever between flights.
In draft work (carting), she was the anchor (and I mean that literally). No team could run off with her in wheel. In harness she looked like she was pulling her heart out, all the while taking a step and braking surreptitiously, each foot skidding half an inch before lifting for the next step, so the other dog wound up doing more work than if she’d been pulling alone.
She was a character.

A Stitch in time – Stitch’s Blog

23 Months- Amazing Adventures

Amazing adventures. We started with a flight to Calgary, from there to San Francisco, from there to San Diego. We had LONG layovers, which Stitch took in stride. She’s not quite as good at peeing on cue as I was thinking – have to work on that. Is my life to be just one long list of things I have to work on? Once we got there, she settled right in at a friend’s house.

22 Months- Putting Things in Baskets

Scuba and I went away for two weekends. The first weekend was Kamloops. Scuba did a good job but was tired when we got home. The second weekend was Calgary – a short flight, then staying at my brother’s for two days before the seminar. This is easy time for Scuba, playing gently with the kids, mostly sleeping toes-up on the couch.

21 Months- The infamous Stuffed RCMP Bear

In case I wasn’t paying attention to Stitch’s regular caloric intake last weekend, we have a horrific trip involving airplanes, lost luggage, missed connections, and an unexpected overnight in a hotel. Stitch performs brilliantly. Her gaiting is correct, her leash is loose, her attention to other people is minimal (she does find the loudspeaker at the airport interesting).

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Pre-Puppy- Transitions

2001, 2002, 2003 – I have one aging Giant Schnauzer, and a middle-aged Service Dog. Given two to three years to train a replacement, I really should get started, but I’m tired and sore and the best I’ll do before the Giant dies is research.

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