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Free Books

Download either of the books below for free as PDF files.

I am very, very pleased to offer you the following two collections of stories, compiled by Lynn Shrove.

The Debi Davis Collection

Common Sense by a Smart Person Compiled by Lynn Shrove
Edited by Eileen Anderson, Wendi Borover, Christina Waggoner, Peggy McCallum, Cathy Matson, and Sue Ailsby. Debi Davis was a truly amazing woman. For years she was active on various training and Service Dog lists. She was kind, she was positive, she was cheerful… and she was a great teacher. I think everyone who has ever met her has come away better for the experience. Anytime any of her many friends find themselves in a confrontational situation, they always ask themselves WWDD? What Would Debi Do? 

Lynn Shrove (AKA lynnherself) has for many years collected Debi’s internet writings, as has now put them together in this wonderful tome.

We’ve left the copyright with Debi, where it belongs, but Debi was adamant that she had received so much from so many that if this “unworthy” collection was to be put forward, it be free so that she could pay forward what she had learned. Very typical Debi!

Debi had one of the very first positively-trained Service Dogs, and one of the very first small Service Dogs. She talked a bit (a very bit, being Debi) about the accolades that she and Peek, her SD Papillon, received over the years.

As I said, these ebooks are free. Whether you train Service Dogs, or sport dogs, or pet dogs, or no dogs, if you interact in any way with humans or any other animals, I’m confident you will benefit from reading these. Enjoy!

The Sue Ailsby Collection

More Chatter About Dogs and Stuff

Compiled by Lynn Shrove with Sue Ailsby (go figure)
Edited by Eileen Anderson, Wendi Borover, Christina Waggoner, Cathy Matson, and Peggy McCallum

Lynn spent many years “stalking” me, too, and has very generously put together this package of assorted snippets from email posts and lists.

I hope you enjoy them. Like the Debi Davis Collection, they’re free.